Things I’ve learned

I’ve been living in Scotland for nearly nine months now, and I know it is a total cliché but time has really flown by quickly.

While living north of the border I’ve learned a few interesting things about Scotland.

Apparently, Doncaster belongs to Scotland. I thought it was part of my home county of Yorkshire, but no, when David I of Scotland conquered parts of northern England, Doncaster was handed to Scotland with the signing of the Treaty of Durham.

The official animal of Scotland is the unicorn. I think that is pretty epic! Now, if only I could catch one of them because I think it would be much cooler to fly to work instead of walking or driving.

I’ve also learnt that there’s a whole other language in this part of Scotland, I knew there was Scottish, but there’s Doric as well. I dinna ken aboot Doric.

And Ken is not a man that everyone knows. Nope ‘D’ya ken?’ means do you know, ‘Not do you know Ken?’ Though I’m sure he’s a very nice bloke.

One thing that really perplexed me is when my fellow reporter Hannah tried to explain to me that when some people say half one, they actually mean 12.30 p.m. not 1.30 p.m. I haven’t come across anyone saying this yet, and I haven’t been an hour early or late to a job. But if I am you know why, it’s because I’m English (and easily confused)!

I’m enjoying learning things about Scotland I never knew. If you have any interesting Scottish facts e-mail me.