Though For The Week

Summer Holidays are fast approaching for the schools and lots of children/young people will be starting out on a “new step” in their lives.

For some this will be the last of their school days moving on to university, colleges or employment. For others it will be their last day at primary school with secondary school looming in the not too distant future.

Of course, there are even younger children who will be leaving nursery and play groups to begin primary school, feeling all grown up and no doubt very proud and excited to be getting their first school uniform.

The new school term is however a good six weeks away and many parents will be wondering what to do with their children to help pass the time. Old and St Andrew’s Church are again running their summer mission from Monday, June 30 through to Sunday, July 6 with the main focus of the mission week being the holiday club.

This is the eighth year of running a summer mission and it is now well established not only in the church’s calendar but in the calendar of the many children who return year after year. The theme of the holiday club is pirate capers for primary school children and mini mates for nursery aged children. The biblical teaching is based on Paul’s journey and how his life is turned upside down on the Road to Damascus when he is blinded by the bright light of Jesus shining.

What’s the point of it all though - is it simply just to entertain children to give their parents and guardians a break during the school holidays particularly if its raining? Absolutely not there is much more to it than that - mission week is exactly that - a week where the church throws open its doors in an effort to spread the good news of Jesus to all.

It’s in the welcome we give to children, their parents and families, the fun and fellowship that is experienced throughout the week and friendships which are renewed and strengthened throughout the week.

Other churches in the town also have holiday clubs which run during the school holidays. Lets not make “mission weeks” a week where we close the door when it is all over, breathing a sigh of relief that it’s all over again and go home and have a well earned rest until next time but instead pray that many more people will be blinded by the light of Jesus and that they too will have their lives turned upside down just like Paul’s and choose to follow him. What a “new step” in their lives this would be!

Elaine Allan

Old & St Andrews Church