Thought for the Week

ON A recent visit to Sleepyhillock, I placed some spring flowers (artificial ones, the rabbits tend to eat the real ones) at my parents’ grave. The daffodils which my friend planted there about three years ago show promise of another good show. It was pleasant, as always, to walk round the well-tended cemetery.

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I paid a visit there. I had said there were no more plots to buy at the old bit and I would have to be buried in the extension which my daughter had never seen. On walking through to it, she stopped, looked round and exclaimed ‘Oh, you’ll be alright here, Mum.’

I laughed but thought that indeed I’d be ‘alright’ there. Cemeteries and Crematoriums have an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and it’s good to be able to plan ahead and hope our last wishes are carried out.

This led me to think of the wars, earthquakes and tsunamis different parts of the globe have been experiencing recently. What chance did these people have who were swept away or buried under a mass of rubble or were needlessly shot down or bombed? What choices did they have for a final resting place?

In an uncertain world, we can only cling to the one certain hope - the everlasting love of God, His enduring word in the Bible and His promise of eternal life if we have accepted Him as our Lord and Saviour.

What more do we need?

Joan Christie

Montrose Baptist Church