Thought for the Week

I’D HAD a rotten night’s sleep. Well, I use the word ‘sleep’ loosely because the intermittent short periods of shuteye were not exactly my idea of sleep.

I’d battled all night with a bunged-up nose, sore throat and a tickly cough so at 4.30am I wasn’t in the best of moods, I can tell you.

I got up and made a warming cup of tea and as I sat up in bed drinking it in the dark, I must confess I was feeling rather sorry for myself - puir auld craitur! The stillness of the morning was suddenly broken by the wonderful throaty sounds of a blackbird singing from the tree outside my window! The joyous song rang out lifting my spirits and making me feel that here was another fresh day dawning.

I was reminded of the Beatles’ song ‘Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night’ and, as this would really be 3.30am GMT, it was very true. A line from ‘Memory’ from the show ‘Cats’ also came to mind, ‘When the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too’, and that made me realise that my rotten night was now history and I had been given a new day to get on with things.

The blackbird’s uplifting song had made my ‘glass half full’ and had encouraged me on to face the day ahead - still with a cold, yes, - but with a happier, more positive outlook than before. If you’re awake early - listen for the blackbird’s song or any of the dawn chorus birds and I hope it will lift you and cheer you on to face the new day God, in His Grace, has given us all.

Kathleen Strachan

Old & St Andrew’s Church