Thought for the Week

ORDINARY. What connotations does that word conjure up?

Common, mediocre, nothing special?

We are now on the yearly ‘flat spot’ as it were - between Easter and next Christmas.

This time in our church is known as ‘ordinary time’.

But this title does not signify anything humdrum or insignificant.

In this ‘ordinary time’ God is still extra-ordinary and so, too, are we if we are his children.

Whatever the time of year, our Lord is there, waiting for us to call on Him, waiting for our prayers, waiting to change our lives.

Are we eager to go to Church in ordinary time, or are we more attracted by the glamour and emotion of the Easter and Christmas celebrations?

If so, we should really examine our motives and, indeed, our innermost hearts.

Are we too busy with holidays and summer activities to share our time with Our Lord?

Can we make time to spread a little of the Good News to the unbelievers we meet?

Ordinary time doesn’t have to be ordinary. Jesus was never ordinary and when we follow him wholeheartedly we will never be ordinary.

He is recorded in Scripture as saying: “Now is the time, today is the day of Salvation.”

Yes, today is the day to make a commitment to the Lord if you have not already done so, and if you have, it’s time to work even harder at it.

I pray that there are soon many more Christians in our town; people who have realised that this is the time to follow Jesus; that this is their special time - for eternity.

The Lord be with you.

Leslie Morrison

St Margaret’s and St Ninian’s