Thought for the Week

‘THEE News of The World’

This past week I have been helping at a Sunday School camp down at Newcastleton in the borders.

For some of the youngsters, it may be the only holiday they have for the summer so it was important they had a week to remember.

It was refreshing to see the youngsters laughing and playing games and that they were free of Facebook, Twitter or other media-driven tools which sometimes prevent that vital part of friendship - face to face fun.

In amongst the midges, the games and the late night shenanigans, some of our discussions talked about how difficult it was to tell their friends that they go to church for fear of being made fun of.

We came to the conclusion that nearly all their friends celebrated Christmas day every year... and that Jesus’ birth came to us through the Bible.

So why should they fear telling their peers that they worship a God when those same folk celebrate Christ’s birth annually?

In a week where we see the demise of a national newspaper titled News Of The World, I hope that the week those young folk spent together encouraged them to tell their friends of THEE NEWS OF THE WORLD in a confidence that they previously lacked.

David Cochrane