Thought for the Week

JESUS once told a story to those who gathered around him about a farmer who went into his field to sow seed.

He would likely be imagined as a peasant farmer because they would be in the crowd listening to Jesus. This being the case then the field in which the farmer in the story would sow his seed would be rocky ground, there would be plentiful numbers of birds hovering just waiting for a chance. The sun would be hot and relentless so getting anything out of the ground would be a great achievement.

However, in Jesus’ story, a small amount of the seed sown fell in good soil and eventually grew and produced a plentiful crop.

Sometimes it feels in life that we are battling against the odds. We worry about our health, our jobs, our bank balances and where we are going to be this time next year.

Going by the number of ‘For Sale’ signs, there are plenty of people in Montrose and the surrounding area wanting to move on but are being held back by a slump in the housing market as people struggle to obtain mortgages.

Every time we visit the supermarket, we pay more at the till and we listen to the news to hear of the next thing which is unsettling people and we are left wondering just where it is all going to end.

Jesus never told stories just to pass the time or for entertainment value, there was always a message contained within.

The farmer in the story, which would reflect the struggle of real-life farmers in Jesus’ day, was maybe tempted to give up because the odds were just too high and far too much effort was required but the message is, don’t worry about your failures, build on your successes.

In the story, much of the farmer’s seed was eaten by the birds, a lot fell in places where there was no goodness so the seed died but there was a small amount of seed which fell in good ground and grew to become a viable crop which yielded a plentiful harvest. Diligence, patience and perseverance paid off in the end.

So, don’t quit. Keep going and all those little success stories along the way, build on them and one day they will yield a plentiful harvest for you too.

Jesus’ story can be found in the Bible in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 13.

Rev. Mary Patterson

Montrose Methodist Church