Thought for the Week

FORGET tomorrow - seize today!

It is great to be able to look forward to something special, such as an anniversary or a holiday. The weeks waiting can be so exciting.

Sometimes the moments of expectation end up being better that the occasion itself.

Excitement is a good feeling. But if we are not careful, our enthusiasm for tomorrow can lead to a feeling of discontentment today. It becomes all to easy to miss out on precious moments in the present if we are always impatiently waiting for whatever comes next.

I particularly believe that children run the risk of missing out on their years of innocence if they have a desire to grow up too quickly.

Some of them decide what their future will be while they are still playing in the sandpit, others pick up the latest adult fashions in their own size. Some of them watch films that are meant for other audiences.

It is a shame to see children accelerating their way through their youth. Once it’s gone they can’t get it back.

But adults are also guilty of moving through life at a rushed pace. We may catch ourselves saying: “As soon as I have finished my exams/started work/got married/had children/retired, life will be better.”

If we are always wishing away our time, we end up missing out.

Jesus said: “I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10 Good News Bible).

This fullness of life includes yesterday, today and tomorrow - every single moment. Even the mundane periods of our routine make up an important part of our time on Earth.

Today won’t be here for ever. It is here only for now.

We should cherish our time, value it and enjoy it to the full.

Every single moment makes up an important part of our time.

Wilf Mather

Old and St Andrew’s