Thought for the Week

ANNIVERSARIES are in my mind at the moment. This past weekend has marked the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the twin towers, known ever since as 9/11.

Silences and services have taken place as we reflected on the thousands of people who died and the impact the events have had on the entire world in the last 10 years. We can all remember where we were when the news broke and our feelings about the stark, powerful images on screen.

It is important to mark anniversaries, a chance to remember the significance of a particular date, reflect on its meaning and place it in the context of time, then and now.

An anniversary being celebrated locally, this weekend, recognises an event that no one living now will actually remember - the opening of St Margaret’s Church, Market Street, 125 years ago. Built in the early English style of Gothic in little more than nine months, the church was opened on October 14, 1886, by Bishop George Rigg of the Dunkeld Diocese, who blessed it and dedicated it to St Margaret of Scotland. Mass was then celebrated by Dean Clapperton, with the sermon preached by Rev Joseph Holder.

The choir of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Dundee, gave a rendering of Haydn’s Imperial Mass No. 3. Parish priest at the time was Father John Shaw, and since then 19 priests have served St Margaret’s, including present incumbent Father Jim High, who is celebrating his 25 years in the priesthood.

A special day of celebration to mark the 125th anniversary of St Margaret’s Church is being held this Saturday, and everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the live entertainment, refreshments, floral displays, exhibitions of the Malawi Mission and spiritual art and photos of church events and people over the years.

Anniversaries, whether recollecting a joyful or a sad event, can be a chance to acknowledge the past, link it to the present and look ahead to the future; remembering, reflection and renewal.