Thought for the Week

I’VE ALWAYS been proud of my positive nature and the fact that I can listen compassionately to others while offering advice and friendship.

I’m the one who believes in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the sliver lining in every cloud and, of course, I believe in angels. I’m the one who always tells people not to worry when one door closes, and another will surely open. After all, life goes on!

Well, imagine my shock and horror when a “door” slammed shut in my life, totally out of the blue and with alarming speed. It was the door to my past and it was unceremoniously shut tightly with the sudden death of my mum. Being the eldest sibling, I put grief on hold as I went about the business of comforting all and sundry, planning the funeral etc.

In a zombie-like state I returned to work and my daily chores, living in my own private dream world. It was hard listening to people commenting how I’d be fine - I had the right attitude apparently. Not true this time, unfortunately.

Then I had a breakthrough. It was while watching Song Shop’s production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ for the fourth time that I was struck by one of the lines that Jesus used. He sang: “There will be poor always, pathetically struggling. Look at the good things you’ve got.”

I suddenly realised he didn’t just mean “poor” in the usual sense. People can be “poor” physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, academically etc. I glanced around the audience and sought out those who I deemed to be poor in some way and realised what a gift I had been given - that of a sunny outlook and positive thinking. God’s plan for me!

I’m still waiting for the “magical new door” to open up, but, in the meantime, it’s back to rainbows, angels and silver linings for me.

Helen Gove

St Margaret’s & St Ninian’s