Thought for the week

Last week the Dun & Hillside autumn holiday club was considering for the fourth year God’s Great Inventions and we were out and about to look at and learn about, some of the amazing things happening in our locality.

We learned that every thing we use or see has at some point come from the ground – God’s great garden - and as we explored we began to realise that although people may think that they have invented something new, it is God who has provided all the materials to make it, whatever it is, and he has also prompted the original ideas to think of inventions.

We learned about golf, and the materials for the ball and the club were all in the ground at one time. We were blown away up at the Tullo wind farm where these enormous turbines convert the wind to electricity even when there’s only a gentle breeze. All the materials for the towers and the blades were in the ground at one time. We were down in Gourdon watching the fish being filleted and smoked, and shell fish being cleaned and packed – all these sea creatures feed on the plants in the sea which grow on the sea bed, so come from the ground. The grinding and threshing machines operated by the water mill at Benholm and aircraft at the Montrose Air museum; the plaster and bronze for the statues and busts in the Lamb gallery...everything originated from the ground and was invented by God. People simply took God’s inspiring instructions and turned them into ‘new inventions’.

And why do we have all these inventions? God in His infinite love and wisdom, wants to make this world as good and exciting as possible for everyone; He wants to provide for all our needs - and more; He is a God who loves us enough to take time for the indulging details which can give our lives that extra ‘something.’

And why does He do all this, we ask? We human beings are God’s greatest invention of all time, the final masterpieces created after the rest of the world was planned and God wants us to know that He will stop at nothing to enable us to carry out what He intended us to do. What’s that, you ask? Simple really! God asks us to tell the people of the world, who haven’t yet heard of Him, all about His amazing power and wonderful love and encourage them to consider being in a relationship with Him too. All the inventions of all time are simply to make it easier for us to do this! We are kept well and healthy by the food and water and power which God invented and provides in abundance.

We are challenged by God to send our provisions out to the parts of the world where there may not be quite enough; we’re not asked to go hungry, we’re just asked to share fairly. John’s Gospel tells us that God is Spirit and with the power of God’s spirit working in us we can know all about him and thus be able to do his work better.

So lets’ enjoy all of God’s Great Inventions but only so far as we are spurred on to do whatever we can to make God’s world a better place and all that He intended it to be!

Are you willing to be used as one of God’s greatest inventions while you work out his purpose for you in the world? I really hope and pray so! And there’s no time like the present to get started!

Linda Broadley

Dun & Hillside Church