Thought for the Week

ONE OF my old school chums was clearing out his mum’s house recently, as she has had to go into a residential home.

He came across some old Review annuals, from the 1960s and ‘70s, which he kindly gave to me.

It was interesting to look through them and be reminded of people, places and events from that era. There were pictures of weddings, shows, local political events, the Red Cross, Glaxo, sporting events and school photos, to mention but a few.

It made me reflect on my own life - school days, courting, being married and having family, and all the other things that make up our personal histories.

One thing that has been steadfast in my life is the church - Sunday School, Bible Class, going with the guides or youth group, joining the church in my late teens and always attending on a more or less regular basis.

It wasn’t until 1978, however, that I went forward at a Louis Palau convention in Dundee.

The Rev. Graeme Bruce had arranged for a bus from Montrose to go to this event, and it was there that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, after the evangelist’s talk. Although I had always believed in God and Jesus, I hadn’t actually been re-born into the family of God’s believers before.

I have gone astray many times over the years, but have always been brought back to the fold by Jesus, the good Shepherd.

Nothing else brings true meaning, love and joy into our lives, despite all its ups and downs, than turning to God through Jesus, the bible, other Christians, and having the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.

Joan Christie

Montrose Baptist Church