Thought for the Week

We ALL know the cry, “Why are we waiting?”, and waiting seems to be what we spend a lot of our time doing; in the doctor’s waiting room, at the dentist, waiting for the post for exam results an so on. For some things we wait excitedly, for others in fear and dread.

Right now we are waiting again, this time for Christmas. Some will be waiting excitedly, everything organised and ready to go. Others will be anxious because time is running out and they haven’t even started looking for cards or gifts for family and friends. Then there will be those who wish the whole season would just go away because it brings nothing but painful memories and it is a time to endure and not enjoy.

Christmas conjures up many different thoughts and feelings in people’s hearts and minds but whichever way you look at it, Christmas begins with Christ ... and that changes everything.

If we are prepared to put Jesus, the Christ, at the centre of our preparations for Christmas, then we all have something to celebrate on Christmas Day regardless of whether or not we have managed to buy everyone presents or all the food we are constantly encouraged to stock our fridges and cupboards with.

Those things are not what Christmas is all about.

It is about a tiny child who was born into poverty among a persecuted people and who brings with Him salvation for our world.

This child was none other than our Creator God Himself, come among us, His own creation, to save us from sin and death.

The gift that comes to us at Christmas is that of eternal life and it is for everyone. So, let us use this time of Advent, the four weeks before Christmas Day, to think about the great gift that was given to humankind in the Christ Child so that we are able to rejoice, even in the midst of sadness, at the great love of God for each one of us revealed to us in Jesus, the baby in the manger.

May you know the peace and love of God our heavenly Father this Christmas season.

Rev Mary Patterson

Montrose Methodist Church