Thought for the Week

IT IS the time of year that everyone is preparing for the festivities and getting ready for Christmas.

Trees and decorations are appearing and shops are full of shoppers rushing around to get their final pieces before Christmas.

Once again the young people of Old and St Andrew’s Church are thinking of others less fortunate than themselves. Last month they prepared a cream tea for members of the public on a Sunday afternoon in order to support their chosen charity ‘Twin your Toilet’. The aim of this is to raise enough money to provide a clean toilet to a town in a third world country, preventing diseases from spreading. The teenagers hoped to raise enough money to fund one toilet but thanks to the generosity of the customers, they were able to twin three toilets!

They were then invited to take part in the Montrose Christmas Tree festival and when choosing their theme decided to continue with the idea of Twin your Toilet. They put in a lot of work and effort to decorate a Christmas Tree with decorations made from toilet rolls and toilet paper, and this was displayed at the festival at Taylor’s Auction Rooms.

On top of all this the young people have also been preparing for their Nativity play which takes place next Sunday, sharing the true meaning of Christmas with the Congregation.

The Bible says: “Do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great” Luke 6:35.

This is the attitude of these young people who are a shining example to us all at this time of year. Perhaps by following their example, we, too can find a little time in our hectic schedule to remember others who may be less fortunate than ourselves.

Emma MacDonald

Old and St Andrew’s Church