Thought for the Week

So IT’S here at last, 2012 has arrived and as they say ‘another year over and a new one just begun’.

What will the new year hold for us both individually and collectively? Is this the year that Scotland wins the Six Nations rugby tournament? Will we be successful in the Olympics? Is this the year Andy Murray wins his first Grand Slam?

Personally I prefer individual team sports because once on the court the athlete is completely alone. They have to draw on their own reserves of determination, concentration, skill and self-belief.

However there are many people in normal life who are in this position and I believe they are to be admired.

Without seeming fulsome or patronising I also believe, no I correct myself, I know, there are a huge number of people who live in this community in which I have chosen to live who are generous, kind, considerate and really care. Without all of us helping each other a community simply does not function, but ours does!

Indeed as a community we are aware of those who are worried, ill and in distress and we look forward to a favourable outcome for them and help when we can.

Although not entirely extrovert the good people of Montrose are quick to respond whenever necessary even through adversity and we should all be proud of that.

Jesus said: “I will be with you always, even till the end of the age.” I believe that and I believe he is constantly with us all during our times of trial and tribulation. During these difficult times we may forget this message but he invariably sends someone who will remind us of this and help us on our way.

So let’s look forward to the coming year and embrace it for we have a lot to be thankful for and who knows, this may be the year when we achieve our own personal Grand Slam.

God bless you and I pray that the coming year will be peaceful and filled with contentment.

Doug Blacklaws

Montrose Old and St Andrew’s Church