Thought for the Week

THAT’S Christmas well and truly past, resolutions made (and perhaps broken already) and things “back to normal” again.

But what exactly is “normal”? If we look at the world’s values, “normal” is greed, envy, strife, contentions - and worse.

Belief in Jesus’ birth and subsequent crucifixion and resurrection lifts us from the world’s “normal” and places us into God’s love, to reflect Christ’s personality in our own lives.

Our view of normality will then be that of Jesus - love, mercy, forgiveness and humility.

The lights, trees, spending sprees of Christmas 2011 have gone - but can we carry the real meaning of Christmas through 2012? Yes - if we look on the example of Jesus as normal, our lives will take on that new personality.

Just as God gave his son to us we can give of ourselves.

I’m sure we all have at least a few unwanted gifts for the local charity shop of your choice to benefit from. Some time to spend with the lonely. Some friendship to offer to the friendless - and time to spread the Gospel whenever we have the opportunity.

For a truly “back to normal” year, read your Bible and let it fully influence your life. It’s amazing how different “normal” can be. A happy and holy 2012 to you. The Lord be with you.

Leslie Morrison

St Margaret’s Church