Thought for the Week

You MAY have seen a group of people gathered around the Steeple door in the High Street at lunchtime over the past few days. Though cold, the weather has been far better than this time last year. The reason for the gathering - the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

All over the country Christians from many denominations have joined together in short acts of prayer and worship witnessing to the fact that we have a common bond in Jesus Christ and a deep unity that is often overshadowed by the publicity given to the differences in our traditions.

The fact is that we are not at loggerheads. Often people think that the different churches are pitched against one another – one leader says one thing and we expect a comment from another taking a totally opposing view. There is scope for variety in the Christian church and for honest debate but one of the principles that we need to hold to both within our own denominations and among them is that there is far more that binds us together than there is that divides us.

Our differences pale into insignificance (or should) when we realise that we hold to a common faith in Jesus Christ, the Saviour Son of God. We worship him and seek to follow him in faith and action, not just as a figure from the past but as risen and ever present Lord.

We would hate for our variety of worship styles, ways of ordering our congregations and even our differences on aspects of doctrine to cloud the central issue – we are united in Christ and wish to seek to proclaim him as Saviour and Lord not just by what we say but in what we do. Montrose Churches Together and its constituent congregations seek to witness to the love of Christ not just for a week but in word and action throughout the year.

The motley crew that gathered at the Steeple door were, strangely enough, a small representation of the Christian church in Montrose – a tangible reminder of our unity in Christ Jesus – and of the fact that we are NOT at loggerheads!

Rev Dr Ian A McLean


Montrose Churches Together