Thought for the Week

“Count your blessings

Name then one by one

And it will surprise you

What the Lord has done.”

A Christian Aid leaflet headed ‘Counting your Blessings 2012’ fluttered to the floor from Life and Work this week.

It’s a great wee leaflet. It encourages its readers to ‘Make Lent Count’, so instead of the usual sacrifices of chocolate and sweeties, we are asked to give what we can in thought, prayer and money.

Each week of Lent has a theme, and for each day we are given food for thought and guided to consider not only counting our blessings but making our blessings count.

Week One: A week for justice

Ash Wednesday - Only 155 of the world’s population live in countries that enjoy a free press. Give 10p for every newspaper you have chosen to read this week.

Week Two: A week for change

Tuesday, 28th February

88.4 million people in the developing world use unsafe drinking water sources. Give 50p if you have always lives in a property with running water.

Week Seven: A week of striving to learn

In 2010 73 per cent of the British population donated to charity. Give thanks for the generosity that has been shown and the work that has been accomplished through it.

As a local population we have much to be thankful for, as that national generosity quoted above is echoed in our communities.

We do have blessings to appreciate.

Underpinning all this for many is our Christian faith with God’s guidance leading us through our blessed lives.

Sheila E. Mann

Hillside Church