Thought for the Week

Last week it seemed that winter had finally arrived in Montrose. Temperatures dropped to around -5°C overnight but fortunately we have escaped the snow which seems to have the whole of Europe still in its grip.

A friend of mine who lives in Rome sent me some photographs of the snow which had fallen overnight there a week or so ago. It was several inches deep, (or should I say that in centimetres?), quite an unusual occurrence there, almost as unusual as no snow falling here! Today as I write (Sunday) it feels like spring, the snowdrops are coming through and the temperature is +5°C.

Sometimes in conversation we express disbelief or surprise at the vagaries of the seasons. They don’t match our desire or expectation: we long for a dry warm summer or a frosty winter with snow without any wind or rain. However, the annual cycle of our planet seems to be changing for the worse. Global warming caused by burning fossil fuels and other types of pollutants pouring into the atmosphere from industrialised plants around the world is to blame.

Yet we, the human race, are the underlying cause of these changes taking place on our planet. We want bigger cars, more raw materials to make consumer goods, double-decker planes to take twice as many people to the other side of the world. So, how would you rate the human race as stewards or managers of planet Earth? Do you think we are using the world’s resources wisely? Through creation God gave us the stewardship of the Earth and all it resources to be used wisely by each successive generation for the betterment of the human race. It is our individual duty and obligation to manage the Earths resources entrusted to us in such a way that the balance of the natural rhythms of life are sustained for future generations.

Rev John Wire