Thought for the Week

GOD is love. He loves the sinner (everyone) but hates the sin.

A few years ago when working for Gordon Town Mission, I visited an older man in a Home in Montrose. He was a bit unkempt despite the care he received, and his eyes had a hopeless look about them.

I discovered he had been in the Merchant Navy in his younger day so, a week later, I took along a map of the places abroad he had sailed to.

From a small spark of interest, he became animated and was soon pointing out the different destinations he had visited, and shared memories of these times with me.

On another visit to him I read the bit in Acts about Paul’s hazardous journey to Malta out of the Bible, and he was amazed. He, too, had been to Malta and, although he had attended church and Sunday School as a youngster, he had never come across this story before. In the years since, he had done things he was now ashamed of, and was sorry about.

When I told him God loved and forgave him he was truly sorry, his eyes filled up with tears, and he shook his head.

“How do you know?” he whispered disbelievingly.

“Because it says so in the Bible,” I told him.

Yes, no matter how far we have wandered from the narrow way, God loves us and is waiting for us to turn back to Him. Not just waiting but forgiving us with His arms wide open. How wonderful.

Joan Christie, Montrose Baptist Church