Thought for the Week

HE IS a typical teenager in many respects.

I meet him regularly in the morning as he sets off for school. He enjoys martial arts, playing his new guitar, and most of the normal things that lads of his age enjoy, but he tells me that he doesn’t like Wednesdays.

I somehow think it has to do with the classes he has to attend, and the subjects he has to study, or the way his timetable has been compiled.

Wednesday is not a day he relishes. I think you may well know the feeling too, I do!

There are certain things in life we just do not anticipate with joy. In fact, to be honest, there are certain days or forthcoming events that we just dread. Perhaps that visit to the doctor or the dentist, or knowing that we have a job to do that we don’t particularly want to do, yet we know full well it has to be done; the journey we have to take, knowing full well that we don’t really want to make that journey, for we know what awaits us at our destination; the person we have to meet whom we would rather avoid; the visit that we know can’t be postponed any longer ... The list is endless.

It may not be a specific day of the week that we don’t enjoy- but there are many occasions I am sure, when we face the future with a pessimistic mixture of fear and worry, wondering just how we are going to cope.

Yet the amazing thing is when I meet my young friend again on Thursday mornings I usually say to him: “I bet yesterday wasn’t so bad after all!” And with a smile, he agrees with me.

Some of you will remember the words of the hymn: “... fresh courage take, the clouds ye so much dread, are big with mercy and shall break in blessings on your head.”

God has promised that He will give us strength for our journey; light for our darkness; joy in our sorrow; courage in our time of weakness, and the ability to be more than conquerors. His offer still stands and is available to us all, if only we will have the faith to believe and the willingness to take Him at His word.

And if we do, then we shall somehow find life is more liveable and the future less daunting. We might even be able to look forward with faith and hope to meeting the challenges that we once dreaded, knowing that we too can overcome the problems which life throws at us with such unfailing regularity.

John F. Anderson

Melville South Church