Thought for the Week

A FEW weeks ago I was interested to see two young blackbirds in our garden showing all the traditional signs of spring. It was barely obvious at first that they were a pair but within another week the full male colouring had appeared and their chumminess persisted.

I was not surprised, therefore, to discover a nest but I had my doubts about its place of construction in a fairly open bush next to a wall. Over the next few days of observation sure enough there were three eggs and mother began her incubating duties while dad brought home the bacon. One morning, I observed three hatchlings and then tragically the next morning the nest, to my horror, was totally destroyed and the young ones gone.

But that is not the end of the story for two days later I noticed this experience had taught a lesson, and there was another nest in a much safer and secure place and the cycle had started all over again, and I now look forward to their persistence bringing its rewards.

Life can be like that. Inexperience can bring its disasters but most often we can learn from our inexperience. How often do we rush at things without fully thinking clearly about what we are about to do? How often do we make rash judgments about others before we seek to understand their experience of life?

Jesus taught that we should not Judge in order that we may not be judged and he also taught, in that most memorable story of a collapsing house and a safe and secure house, about our choice of building on sand or rock. It is in the Book of Psalms that we find the words most often used at the beginning of a marriage service: “Unless the Lord builds the house, its labourers build in vain”.

Good advice for the most experienced or inexperienced of us, wherever and whoever we are.

Rev. Graeme B. Bruce

Ferryden and Montrose United Free Churches