Thought for the Week

When we new get appeals from various charities through the post do you, like me, think, oh no, not another one? We can’t of course, give to all of them but there are usually one or two that we favour and which we feel led to donate to.

One of them, for me, is Mary’s Meals. This is where, for under £10 per year, they feed a child one square meal a day in a poor country and this enables the child to concentrate on schooling. Various volunteer helpers in the different districts make large pots of porridge, rice or whatever and the children line up with their bowls, are fed and then go to schools which have been set up, albeit in usually makeshift buildings.

Another project Mary’s Meals has started up is the Back-pack appeal. You either buy, from perhaps a charity shop as I did, a child’s back-pack or use an old one of your child’s or grandchild’s, then fill it with the specific items on the given list. This includes pens, pencils, rubbers and so on and also shorts/skirt, T-shirt/blouse and sandals/flip-flops. These items don’t have to be new so long as they are in good condition.

As the van-drivers from Mary’s Meals couldn’t, of course, come from the west coast just to pick up my back-pack, I phoned the Lochside School. They were, as always, pleased to help. So it will be under way after the holidays, for the children and their parents, where they are willing and able, to take part in the appeal.

It is a simple thing to do but we have been told of the transformation in a child whose face lights up on being given one of these back-backs. In all their lives, they often haven’t had even a pencil of their own. We are also obeying God’s words for those who have, to give to those who have not. How worthwhile.

Joan Christie

Montrose Baptist Church