Thought for the Week

Elizabeth Armistead, Rebecca Adlington, Gemma Spofforth, the Aquatic Centre, bronze, gold, silver medals, cycling, swimming, Team GB etc. - all these and many more names and phrases are rolling off our tongues this week - the long awaited and planned-for London 2012 Olympic Games are well under way.

Up the street, in houses, throughout the country and beyond, people are talking about the Olympics, marvelling about the skills and speeds of the athletes, discussing and analysing techniques and times and sometimes unexpected twists and turns. There is a sense of community, and unity, as we all root for and support Team GB, celebrate their wins, sympathise with their disappointments, and cheer for all the competitors from all over the world.

The true meaning of team spirit seems to be gratifyingly in evidence among the Olympic participants and commentators, and this should be just as great a positive inspiration to young people as the incentive and encouragement to be more physically active, take more exercise and participate in sports.

Even those who may not be physically able or willing to indulge in vigorous sporting activity can be inspired and moved by the spirit of the Olympics.

The stamina, determination, drive and motivation of the athletes to work and train hard to achieve their chosen goals are exemplary qualities for all walks of life. In the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, we are urged to use our talents, whatever they are, to the best of our abilities, and all those involved in the Olympics are certainly doing that.

While we continue to enjoy and appreciate the Olympic Games, let us also be inspired and encouraged to bring the spirit of London 2012 into our own lives.

Avila Murray