Thought for the week

IT HAS been quite a time for celebrations recently, hasn’t it?

We have had wonderful events for Her Majesty The Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympic Flame was carried through Montrose and the Olympic Games come to a close as I write this.

In Montrose, even though we have not had good weather, many activities have taken place.

What now? Many people will have plenty to do and look forward to other activities, either to watch or to take part in. Yet there will also be many who will either find there is a hole in their lives after the Olympics has left our television screens, or perhaps that there always has been an emptiness in their lives; an emptiness that is quite simply always there.

I wonder what the athletes who will be leaving London will feel, and don’t let us forget there is in fact another Olympics starting soon; the Para Olympics.

As I understand it, unless they are retiring, many of the athletes will have a well-earned rest and then start training for their next events. They are truly wonderful examples to us all.

If you want to see some really amazing displays of courage and determination to beat the disadvantages that life can throw at some people, please do try and watch the Para Olympics.

Mo Farah, who won the 5,000 and 10,000 metres Olympic races, says his medals are earned through hard work and graft. The implication that is coming from athletes appears to be that anyone can achieve great things if only they will put their efforts into working hard!

But there are many people who are not physically fit, many will be too old, and there will be other reasons why people are unable to aspire to be Olympians.

Many people do consider that there is no point in life, there is no future, when we die there is no future, so why worry.

Today in our church service we heard about Jesus telling those listening to Him that He is the bread of life, He is telling us that there is a purpose for us all, those who are young, old, unwell and fit.

Jesus says: “I tell you the solemn truth, the one who believes [in me] has eternal life.”

So Jesus is telling us that there is always something to live for, because if we believe in Him and follow Him we will have the great gift of Eternal Life. Our lives may not be easy but let us take a look around us and around the world and realise that there are many people worse off than ourselves.

Let us keep those less fortunate than we are in our prayers this week and always; let us give some of our time to God, some time to listen to Him and some time to do the things He wants us to do.

Let us ensure that we care for those we know and meet who may have difficulties and problems we may well not understand, and let us lift one another to God and pray that His will may be done.

Steve Collis

St Mary’s and St Peter’s Church