Thought for the Week

“THE CHURCH is wherever God’s people are praising” goes the old family hymn. Nowhere in the hymn does it say you can only praise God in a church building.

Jesus did not restrict his own ministry to a church building, instead he was found where crowds of people were. If he were on Earth today I think it doubtful that we would find him in a church building, more likely places would be a football stadium, a pop concert and venues similar to the recent packed Olympic Stadiums.

For some time now we in Old and St Andrew’s have been looking at ways in which we can further develop our Summer Mission and also meet the needs of our young families who bring their children for baptism or blessings but who do not necessarily feel comfortable in a traditional church setting. After much prayer and consideration we have decided to offer Messy Church which is “church” but in a non formal and relaxed way.

So what is Messy Church? Messy Church is a Christian initiative that is fast-growing in lots of church communities. It is a very informal relaxed gathering of young families and children (children having to be accompanied by an adult). It provides an opportunity to encounter Jesus and to grow closer to him as a family both in a personal way and in the church family. It’s fun, it’s messy (hence the name) and the focus is on crafts to explore a chosen biblical theme. There are songs, prayers and games incorporating a chosen theme. There is also an opportunity to eat a “snack” meal together and develop friendships within the church family.

Our first “Messy Church” is MESSY HARVEST and is this Sunday, August 26 in the church halls (behind the Corner House Hotel) and will run from 4pm-5.30pm. Please come and join us, there is no age restriction, just come prepared to get “messy” and make the discovery that the church is indeed wherever God’s people are praising.

Elaine Allan

Montrose Old & St Andrew’s