Thought for the Week

I WAS recently part of a team of Beaver Scout Leaders who welcomed 35 children aged between six and eight for a sleepover at the Jock Neish Scouting Centre, Tannadice, near Forfar.

Much planning had been undertaken, with many hours devoted to the preparation of resources, the allocation of bunks and the composition of the activity groups. As we were welcoming boys and girls from both Montrose and Arbroath the hope was that we could ‘mix’ the children up so they had the opportunity to meet new people and hopefully make new friends.

With a firm belief that children of this age benefit from ‘structure’, our programme of activities was designed to keep the participants busy, to give them plenty of opportunity to play together, time to talk and eat together and also time set aside for those who prefer quiet and reflective activities.

Our ‘Sporting Adventure’ tried to stay true to the premise of the Olympics: ‘Faster, Stronger, Bigger and Better’. Our youngsters certainly managed to be ‘faster’ when it came to disappearing when the dishes needed washed.

Beaver voices were significantly ‘stronger’ half an hour after arrival on site.

Appetites were certainly ‘bigger’ at tea time and the weather was much’ better’ than I had expected it to be – Result!

Seriously though, the children we shared our Sleepover with were, (for want of a better word) lovely. Well mannered, co-operative, adventurous and kind to each other.

In the Bible, (Mark, 9:14) we learn that Jesus said: “Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Children are our future – let’s make sure we all, in true Scouting spirit, ‘Do Your Best’ to help them along the way so they can indeed find their way into the Kingdom of God.

Frances Walker

Montrose Old & St Andrew’s Church