Thought for the Week

As A young boy, my grandfather used to say “follow me and you can’t go far wrong.”

Whilst, looking back, I can’t completely concur with it, I appreciate the love and guidance that were intended.

In the Gospels, we read of a few occasions where Jesus says “follow me” and each time I draw a positive response.

Do we today, amidst all the clamour and rush of the world, hear the same call: “Follow me”?

Yes, Jesus still calls us to Him, and as this world sinks ever deeper into a web of deceit and wickedness, our acceptance of this call is even more expedient.

As our Saviour urged us to follow Him, He never promised a smooth journey, in fact a narrow road and a difficult road. But on that road, He will be with us.

I am not particularly politically motivated, but when I hear the great promises of our leaders, the political corruption, the desire for wealth and power, or the arguments for and against Scottish independence, I think of Jesus.

I think of Jesus’ words to be “no part of this world” and to “seek first the Kingdom of God.”

With these thoughts, I ponder how futile all of mans’ efforts are.

The broad road of the world leads to destruction, and it is the easiest road to follow. The narrow road is cramped and rocky; it can be difficult at times - but it’s well worth it.

Let us pray for the strength to keep our feet on it.

The Lord be with you.

Leslie Morrison

St Margaret’s and St Ninian’s