Thought for the Week

on A recent trip to Edinburgh, to an address that was unfamiliar to me, I decided to use a satellite navigation device. This, I was sure, would keep me on the right route.

On the first part of the journey I didn’t need to pay attention to the sat nav, as the route was a familiar one. Just into Edinburgh I came across some road works, which would not allow me to continue on my planned route. I could have become distressed by this, but the sat nav simply said “Recalculating” and I was soon on the right road again.

The morning traffic was busy and twice I was concentrating so much on everybody else, I missed my turn-off. Again, disaster was averted by the voice that simply said “Recalculating”.

It has occurred to me since that I use my faith and my relationship with God in a very similar way to how I used the sat nav on that journey.

In times when I think I am sure of where I’m going and what I should be doing I know God is there, but I am happy to journey independently through familiar, everyday life, confident that I am going in the right direction.

Sometimes unforeseen events or other people’s priorities create obstacles. These are my personal road works. During these times I look to God for guidance, putting my trust in Him to get me back on the right road. He will ‘recalculate’ for me.

At other times, I choose to go off in a direction that is not right for me. But God won’t abandon for straying from the path, he simply says “Recalculating”. God knows which the right road is for me and how to get me back on it.

So as we journey through life with its many diversions, detours and occasional pot holes, there is no safer guide and navigator than God himself.

Fiona McIntosh

Old and St Andrew’s Church