Thought for the Week

AT THE beginning of October my niece phoned me. She had two weeks’ holiday in November and would I go with her? We went to Egypt from Luxor to Aswan and back, on a River Nile cruise.

It doesn’t take long to realise how little difference there is between people and their religions. The ancient Egyptians believed in the immaculate conception of the birth of Horus to Isis. We have the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The Egyptians wore the Ankh as a protection. We wear the cross. When you read the holy books of the Jews, Christians and Islamists you realise that they say very much the same.

I’m sure if you had asked an Egyptian of 5,000 years ago, they would have wanted the same as we do today. Peace to grow the food to feed themselves and enough to sell and buy what they can’t grow or mine. Be able to educate their children to grow up to be useful citizens of their country. I’m sure also asking children what they want to be and to do when they are grown up hasn’t changed much in thousands of years.

Egypt has always been lucky having the River Nile to fertilise and water their land and has been the envy of much of that part of Africa. Although, are we not lucky that with all the rain we have we don’t have the awful droughts some parts of the world have? Some of our farmers this summer probably think differently.

Agnes Williamson

Old & St Andrew’s Church