Thought for the Week

IN SPITE of the ever-increasing light pollution around Montrose, it is still possible to see the stars.

For those fortunate enough to have a telescope, there is a real treat at the moment - Jupiter must be very close, (in astronomical terms), and is visible to the north. Last week I was lucky enough to see this very bright planet, looking huge through the ‘scope, with five moons all in a straight line. Imagine standing on Jupiter and seeing multiple moons circling!

Looking at the stars helps to put our lives into a different perspective - they make us feel very small, and our day-to-day problems seem less important.

In the Bible, after star-gazing, the psalmist asked: “What is man, that thou are mindful of him?”, and answered that man, (and woman!), are a little lower than the angels.

Yet, on a smaller scale, Jesus told us that God is mindful of every sparrow that falls - and my telescope is used to watch the tiniest creatures as well as the largest. Indeed , the sparrows in my garden still seem to have youngsters to feed and care for - late arrivals after a chilly summer!

So, when the Christmas rush gets you down, look at the sky and the natural world, and be reminded of the important things in life.

Wendy Shepherd

Methodist Church