Thought for the Week

Some time ago, I heard of a man who bought a new fridge-freezer. His old one was perfectly serviceable and, rather than scrap it, he put it outside his house with a notice inviting anyone who wanted it to take it away.

It sat there for several days until he put a sign on it saying: ‘For Sale - £20’. That very night, someone stole it!

An object that had been looked on as being worthless because it was free was suddenly transformed because it apparently had a value.

Of course, that is a reflection of human nature. Free, it had no value but when it cost money...

Our day-to-day lives often reflect similar thinking, perhaps because in modern society possessions have become so important.

Advertising has made us aware of all the things we ‘need’ and luxuries have become necessities.

We take so much for granted. Items that weren’t around a few decades ago, computers, satellite televisions and other electronic gadgets, now govern many peoples’ lives.

Now don’t misunderstand me – I enjoy these things as much as anyone else but do we really need them? We might feel their loss in the short term but, if they were taken away, life would go on nevertheless.

If we were given the stark choice between having good health or the latest mobile telephone surely that would be what young people call a ‘no-brainer’.

It is a cliché I know, but we should really sit down from time to time and count our blessings. Close friends, family, good health etc., don’t just have a value – they are priceless!

We often have so much going for us if we only bothered to do an audit of our lives.

Forbes Inglis