Thought for the Week

UNFORTUNATELY it is so true that some people find fault as if it were buried treasure. They seem to rejoice and gloat over the faults they find in others.

Yet there is nobody who is perfect and being therefore imperfect, each and every person has his faults. And it is only when a person truly accepts that he/she has himself/herself faults that it is possible to be fully tolerant and understanding of the faults of others.

No-one is more obnoxious and destructive of constructive and loving relationships as the person who thinks he/she is perfect. Moreover, this attitude leaves the person concerned and wide open to a humiliating put-down.

A salesman mentions to his barber that he is going on holiday to Rome. The barber replies: “Rome is a very over-rated city. What airline are you taking and what hotel have you booked into?” When the salesman tells him, the barber immediately criticises the airline for being unreliable and the hotel for being a bit of a dump. “Actually,” he says, “you’d be better of staying at home.” “But,” says the salesman, “I have to go to conclude a business deal and then I’m going to see the Pope.” The barber shakes his head and says: “I wouldn’t count on sealing any deal in Italy and I definitely wouldn’t count on seeing the Pope. He only grants audiences to very important people.”

Two months pass and the salesman returns to the barber’s. “Well, how was your trip?” asks the barber. “Wonderful,” the salesman replies. “The flight was perfect, the hotel brilliant, I concluded a huge business deal and I saw the Pope.” The barber is so astonished. “You got to see the Pope? What happened?” “Well,” says the salesman, “I bent down and kissed his ring.” “No kidding!” exclaims the barber, “and what did he say to you?”

“Well,” replies the salesman, “he looks down at my head and he solemnly says: ‘My son, where did you ever get such a lousy haircut?’”
Let’s just remember three lines someone once wrote about criticising:-

“When within this urge you find,

These three questions bring to mind

Is it time? Is it needful? Is it kind?”

Father Jim High

St Margaret’s Church