Thought for the Week

THOSE of you who are keen gardeners will be looking forward to spring, except that it has so far failed to arrive as winter returns yet again.

I say ‘you’ because there is only one head gardener in our household and one casual labourer, so you can guess which role I fill. My duties, when weather permits, are to move heavy objects from place to place, cut the grass and do the weeding, all under close supervision, particularly with regard to the weeding as I sometimes fail to distinguish between what is a weed and what is a cultivated flower or plant.

Maybe because of evolution and a need to ensure survival, weeds often disguise themselves as plants or else grow so close to a plant’s root system that they are difficult to spot and even more difficult to dislodge.

That seems to be a metaphor for what we in older times used to be refer to as ‘our sins’ and how we often fail to recognise them, ‘sins’ being those faults and errors in all of us that we find difficult to accept. We may camouflage an action that is hurtful to others by saying lots of people do this even when deep down we know it is wrong, and sometimes, for example, we excuse a lie because we claim it is for the greater good.

With a bit more effort on our part, perhaps we may be more successful in dealing with our faults and weaknesses, and forgive them in others. Better ‘gardeners’ all round!

Harry Faulkner

Old and St Andrew’s Church