Thought for the Week

It’s SUNDAY evening and I’ve just returned from the ‘Big Sing’, an evening of uplifting praise which was the finale of three days of celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Guild of Old & St Andrew’s Kirk.

The Guild is a more than worthy national organisation, begun a century and a quarter ago to “utilise the skills and resources” of the womenfolk of the congregations around Scotland. For all these years the ladies of the Church of Scotland, who now include men in their ranks I am glad to say, have risen to the challenge of supporting many causes, both local, national and international by ‘going the extra mile’ in action and prayerful support.

During this time they have raised millions of pounds to enable exciting and innovative work to be done which has benefited men, women and children at home and abroad. The Guild is a great institution, but it’s much more than that name suggests! The Guild is part of the fabric of the Church in Scotland and often has worked across denominational boundaries to see the work of God flourish wherever there is a need to be met.

Tonight, as we sang that now classic Graham Kendrick praise, “Make way, make way, for Christ the King in splendour arrives” my mind was drawn to the next line, “fling wide the gates and welcome Him into your lives.” I thought of that command which is for all of us, to let our Lord, our King, Jesus, our Saviour come into our lives and show us how to make a better job of being His Church and sharing His love with the world.

In this Holy Week, we especially remember the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known, of God giving His Son to us, and then allowing Him to die for us so that me might truly know how much we are loved and might understand that for all who believe there is certainty in eternity.

I make no apology for focusing on Jesus in our thought this week, because Easter is first and foremost a Christian celebration, yet designed to reach out to every human heart with that Love which surrounds our whole world and fills our universe – that Love of God, which is beyond our understanding sometimes, yet is simultaneously closer than the air we breathe.

So let us “make way for the King of kings” this Easter and really celebrate! The Guild has been doing it brilliantly for years, over two billion Christians around the world are doing it right now and as you “let His Kingdom in” to your lives, may you all have the most wonderful Easter ever!

Linda Broadley

Dun & Hillside Church