Thought for the week

SPRING is my favourite time of the year.

In Spring, Easter brings the promise of hope and faith and of new beginnings. Then there’s a new garden season with the enjoyable task of sowing seeds and seeing what has survived the winter.

Spring sales arrive with the hope of a bargain, and thoughts are beginning to take shape of planning summer holidays.

The weather tends to get warmer and a spring sun lifts the heart and spirits.

There are new beginnings also for our Angus Quaker Meeting as we move to a new venue in Borrowfield Community Centre this month, and the changes this will bring.

It’s natural to feel excited and apprehensive of change and new beginnings. We can react with regret about the past and worry as to what the changes might bring, especially if they are unplanned or unwanted. We can also make the decision to be positive, accept the changes, hope for the best and work at it. It’s good to share news of changes in our lives and I am sure we are not the only church group to spend time in a ‘sharing of news’ session after our worship.

This sharing, whether it is of joyful family news, changes in circumstances, concerns or sad news, is part of what binds us together in our communities. We need to know of changes so that we can support each other in joys and sadness.

Spring is a great season for change, but only when the change is for the better.

When changes are forced on us we are more likely to resent them, but they always offer opportunities for new beginnings.

I hope that any changes you are making, willingly or enforced, lead to a fruitful and positive outcome. Happy Spring!

Pamala McDougall

Member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)