Thought for the Week

EACH day I count my blessings, as we should do.

It has taken me some time to submit an item for the Thought for the Week. At times I have wondered what to write. As we know, the majority of the world is a mess. Who do we trust? Who can we trust?

Our trust in bankers, politicians, police, press, those who run the NHS, etc., is at a low ebb. Also where have common sense and respect gone?

After some prayer and thought, I thought, what has gone right, and I find much has done so, thanks be to God.

This year is the 150th anniversary of the Red Cross which we give praise to God for. We think of the many, many people who gave their lives as stretcher bearers, who go into the War Zones at risk of death and injury.

What more can one give than one’s life for others. Were and are not these persons peacemakers, an example to us all. As Jesus said: “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Of course, the Red Cross does much, much more than this.

We think of children, of the wee boy who did drawings and pictures which raised much for charity. Also Mary’s Meals. We give thanks to God for these children, for the gifts You gave them to do so. Sometimes I think how a simple idea can do so much and it took a child to do so.

Britain has had Red Nose Day, and many other charities, as seen on television, raising many millions of pounds. What is good is that this been donated not only from the rich but the majority of money was raised by ordinary working people, OAPs, students, etc., not only in Britain but also for the rest of the world. Yes, there is much goodness as these donations were given in a cheerful manner. Thanks to God, and all who gave so willingly.

Montrose and area have done much for many charities, worldwide for cancer, illnesses, for individual community works raising monies by social events, coffee mornings, Montrose Churches Together, Free Masons, Church Guilds and many others.

Each of us, no matter how little it seems, can give something: a prayer, a kindness, a smile, or simply saying “Thinking of you”.

As I think of you all. God Bless.

Francis Wilson

St Mary’s & St Peter’s Church