Thought for the Week

IN TIMES when the normal patterns of life are being disrupted and the events occurring in the world around us seem to be chaotic it is particularly important for us to have anchor points which give us stability. These are sometimes difficult to find. Where are the things which we can rely on?

One of the blessings which many of us are grateful for is family – our immediate family or our extended family. They can be an immense support and a huge sense of joy – but that is not the case for everyone and even in the most effective and loving family groups things can happen which shake the foundations of our lives.

In recent times so many people have had their lives shaken by financial losses – ordinary people whose savings have been lost or reduced to levels which mean survival rather than comfort, and where even the security of having their own home, has been removed.

Around us the routines of the natural world seems disrupted. Driving into Montrose last week the promise of spring, never mind summer, was suddenly reversed as the landscape became winter-like again under a covering of hail which gathered like snow on the fields and roads. Yet through the cold, wet blanket the daffodils held their heads high, a sign of the spring which had come – late – but it was still there.

In the setbacks and reverses of life we need hope that does not come from circumstances themselves but from something deeper.

It’s called faith and I believe that faith in God provides the inner strength that can carry us through the difficult and dangerous and unpredictable times. We all need help at some time. We need someone who is there to help all the time.

The Psalmist said: “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.”

Ken Sinclair

Montrose Baptist Church