Thought for the Week

The countdown is on ... sports days are a distant memory, class trips have long gone, most children are already counting the days until the holidays begin, parents and care givers are frantically trying to juggle childcare cover, but Fear Not – help is at hand!

Well – for the first week of the school holidays at least. Montrose Old and St Andrews Church youth leaders will be providing a fast-moving, fun and action-packed holiday club programme called ‘Pyramid Rock’.

Set in Ancient Egypt, the Church Hall will be transformed into a multi-coloured desert paradise, complete with sand, pyramids and other ancient artefacts. Our aim is to introduce primary school aged children to a Loving God through the stories and experiences of Joseph (of the multi-coloured coat), and to encourage children to put their faith in a faithful God, just as Joseph did.

Joseph was an incredible man who was brought up in a large family surrounded by intrigue and deception. Joseph didn’t ask to be his father’s favourite son, or to be given that special multi-coloured coat which provoked such animosity and jealousy among his brothers. Many trials and tribulations were to follow throughout Joseph’s life yet every step of the way he maintained his integrity, faith and love for God – and God’s love helped Joseph to bring salvation to the nations.

A Holiday Club programme doesn’t just happen, many months of preparation precede the actual delivery and the whole congregation at Old & St Andrews provide support in many ways. Over the last few years we have been delighted to welcome large numbers of children to our holiday clubs and hope to do so again next week but most importantly we hope and pray that all children and their families come to know and trust in our Loving God.

Oh, by the way, parents/carers please note that there are other Holiday Clubs running at Inchbrayock Church, Dun & Hillside Church and the Baptist Church during the holidays so that’s morning sessions for four weeks of the holidays sorted!

Happy Holidays!

Frances Walker

Montrose Old & St Andrews Church