Thought for the Week

You have no doubt seen and heard all about the ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ offers that we are tempted with regularly.

Spend £15 a month and get a whole load of free texts on your mobile phone.

When you book a holiday get extra free nights if you book early.

That’s all good news, but do you notice a common denominator with all these things? Yes, of course; we have to spend money to gain the so-called free one, and if it’s foodstuffs it can end up in the bin.

Ah, but you don’t get anything for nothing, you may be thinking.

Well, not quite true, actually. I can think of something we all need and it’s on offer right now, absolutely free.


Jesus gave up his earthly life for our sakes, that we can gain eternal salvation through God’s grace.

The gift is there for the taking, and all we have to do to secure it is put our trust in the Lord.

We may still have some problems, but He will be there to help us through them; there to catch us when we fall.

Who needs to buy one to get one free when the only one worth having is the free one?

I’m glad I’ve made my choice.

The Lord be with you.

Leslie Morrison

St Margaret’s & St Ninian’s