Thought for the Week

Yes, it is true that the Methodist Church building is up for sale.

This has been a place of Methodist worship for many years and wonderful services have taken place in that building.

However, there comes a time when the usefulness of an old building and the general cost of upkeep becomes prohibitive and the trustees made the very painful decision to part company with something which will always remain very dear to their hearts.

Despite the sale of the building though, we are hopeful that there will continue to be a Methodist presence in the town.

It is commonly heard that the church is the people and not the building but it is only when asked to put that into practice that its truth can be tested.

That is the challenge which faces the Methodist people of Montrose now. Can we continue to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ without a building we can call our own?

Time will tell but Methodists come from a tradition and history of not having buildings of their own to meet in so perhaps we just need to re-visit our heritage and face what lies ahead bravely and with great faith in the God who calls us to be His people.

We will find other premises in which to meet but until the building is sold we continue to worship there and as ever, all are welcome.

We ask you, the people of Montrose to remember us in your prayers as we make this change.

All Christian people, are pilgrims on a journey. We are reminded of this through this season of Lent as we journey with Jesus to the cross.

But, we do not journey alone or without purpose. We have God’s promise that He is with us and, indeed, has gone ahead of us to prepare the way.

We don’t know where it might lead, but if we did, we would not be people of faith.

May God bless you this Easter season.

Rev. Mary Patterson

Montrose Methodist Church