Thought for the Week

Those of you who were in the Old church and saw the African Children’s Choir, will have seen their shiny healthy faces and heard their ambitions for life.

Our own children from the Song Shop also looked fit and healthy.

What a contrast to the news about kidnapped Nigerian girls.

Just because they and their parents wanted an education! Are we not lucky, regardless of sex, we can go to school from the age of five until 18 and be educated as well as we are able, and not just boys, but girls can have dreams of further education.

Not just college or university, but learning on the

We also have the freedom to be able to walk to and from school in safety and not risk being shot as the Pakistan girl Malala Yousafzai just fro fighting for education for girls in her country.

Should we not be educating boys not just in countries where females are considered inferior, but here too.

We females make up 50 percent of the world’s population and can make a difference to the world.

How many people in the world live well below the poverty line because they cannot read or write, so have little chance of getting a job with good pay and prospects? Too many.

Agnes Williamson

Old Church