Thought for the Week

When disaster strikes, we are often given this advice, “Don’t worry. When one door closes, another door opens.”

Last February I found myself in the position of watching a major ‘door’ in my life close, as another was beginning to open! Confused? So was I.

My best friend, Ann, was given a death sentence, courtesy of Motor Neurone Disease. At the same time, a teenager I knew was being given a life sentence of doom and despair, courtesy of his uncontrollable anger and unwillingness to conform. Both were embarking on a journey into the unknown.

I took up residence at Ann’s so I could help care for her. This meant we had plenty of time to blether and put the world to rights! It was at this time that I voiced my concerns over Damien (pseudonym). I was sure that, behind the anger, there was a lovely youngster who, with the right kind of nurturing, could become successful in life.

Although Ann had never met Damien, she asked constantly about him and she instructed me to have patience! Ha! Not my strong suit.

The next few months were spent cajoling and persuading Damien to behave and achieve. It was an exhausting experience and I looked forward to getting home to see Ann, who was always cheerful and apparently ‘feeling fine’. It amazed me that, in spite of her body slowly and systematically shutting down, her heart and mind were strong and encouraging.

Where does this inner strength come from? The name, ‘Jesus’, springs to mind! Her strong belief was HER anchor. SHE was mine!

Eventually, Damien decided that he wanted to live with my family and Ann looked forward to meeting him, Unfortunately, Ann’s door closed before Damien’s was fully opened.

The Happy Ending – Ann is pain-free, the Feeney-Gove-Millers have become a close, tight-knit family and Damien is happy and achieving.

Miracles really DO happen, but you have to believe in the Power of God, with every beat of your heart! Ann certainly did. Bless her.

Helen Gove

St Margaret’s and St Ninian’s