Thought for the Week

Didn’t Scotland do well? It’s the Commonwealth games I’m applauding... a record breaking haul of 53 medals, 19 of which were gold; a truly outstanding achievement. To win a medal for your country must be the most unforgettable moment of a lifetime, but for this particular gold medallist, the achievement was almost beyond belief,

My special memory of the Glasgow games is that of Libby Clegg and her running mate Mikhial Huggins sprinting home in first position, their hands linked together by way of a rubber band.

Libby is blind.

It reminded me of my school sports days and the three legged race ... we would all fall about in heaps of laughter as we achieved only a step or two before it all went out of sync. But not for Libby and Mikhial who were harmony in motion.

We all need a running mate in life ... one who is there for us when we need them most. There is something about the holding of hands that encourages, comforts, motivates and guides. Next week, the 18th of September, is a day that will be long remembered, so too Friday week when there will be much hand holding required whatever the outcome of the referendum.

It seems, for most of us anyway, that over the last few years, there have been many hurdles to negotiate, but here we are, our future literally in our hands with ballot paper and pen playing our part in the writing of history with a simple cross, and I will certainly need a hand to encourage, comfort, motivate and guide; and just like Libby, the hand I hold will have to firm and trustworthy.

When Peter walked on the water and began to sink, Jesus reached out his hand to him. The same strong and trusting hand still reaches out to us today, tomorrow and forever, whatever path our nation chooses to embark upon.

He has my vote every time.

Ian Gray