Time to promote Ferryden’s fishing heritage for tourism?

WHEN Ferryden and Craig Community Council met in Inchbraock Hall on Thursday, it was suggested by several members that more effort could go into promoting the village’s fishing heritage.

It was recognised that Ferryden is promoted as a scenic village, with attractive walks, etc., but not as a village steeped in fishing history.

It was proposed that to increase public knowledge of this, they would – like Johnshaven – semi-sink a fibre-glass boat (or metal structure) into the ground and make floral arrangements to enhance it. It would have to be manageable and maintainable.

Community grants funding has been suggested as a possible source of receiving finance.

This will require costings to be made for the benefit of those providing funds.

At the previous meeting there had been a move to resurrect a village shop, or establish a tearoom, perhaps in the premises of the previous shop.

However, on Thursday Sandy Nicoll told the meeting that the owner of the shop is not interested in selling.

The property is currently in use as a hairdressing salon, and Mr Nicoll explained that for the first time in years, the owner is turning a profit.

A problem with running water gathering in Victoria Square remains unresolved. Scottish Water have examined the site and say the water is not their responsibility.