Top Trumps for Montrose film maker

Montrose film maker Anthony Baxter pictured on the town's High Street. ''Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES ''No use without payment.
Montrose film maker Anthony Baxter pictured on the town's High Street. ''Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES ''No use without payment.

A Montrose film maker who leapt to fame with his 2011 film ‘You’ve been Trumped’ will see his latest documentary about tycoon Donald Trump screened on prime time TV tonight.

The hour long film documentary, ‘A Dangerous Game’, which was made, edited and partly filmed in Montrose, and has huge additional relevance now that Donald Trump is in the Presidential race for the White House will be on BBC4 tonight (Wednesday, September 30) at 9pm.

Anthony Baxter, Montrose film maker, said: “It’s always good to get my work on the BBC; it’s my aim to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Donald Trump is a man we have followed for two series now. In America he is getting a great reception, riding at number one in the polls but I think it is important to show Americans that what Donald Trump says and what he does are two very different things.

“I think it is important that people see the other side of Trump. He is the master of the 24 hour news cycle but after seeing his treatment of the Menie Estate residents the question should be asked, will he deliver? ”

He added: “It’s great for me to work on the films from Montrose, where I live and where my family are from. I hope to work organise a screening in Montrose of my film ‘A Dangerous Game’ which is the 95 minute version of my new documentary. I will be working with David Paton to raise money for the Montrose Playhouse Project.”

‘Dark Side of The Greens’ is a follow up documentary to the award winning film that Donald Trump tried to ban as the American tycoon continues to lead the polls in his bid for the White House.

The film includes an explosive interview with the Republican frontrunner in New York.

In the film, Mr Baxter, who was arrested and thrown in jail by police while making ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ in 2011) investigates the impact of luxury golf resorts worldwide by Donald Trump and other billionaire developers.

He says his investigation reveals that far from creating 6,000 jobs in Scotland as promised, Donald Trump’s luxury golf course development, which was controversially constructed on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), has in fact created a few dozen jobs and delivered only a fraction of the $1.5 billion originally pledged.

The figures are likely to be seized on by critics of Trump in the United States, where the billionaire has promised to be ‘The Jobs President’.

‘Dark Side of the Greens’ also contains shocking revelations about the continued harassment or residents on the site of Trump International Golf Links in Scotland:

Molly Forbes, now aged 91, has lived without a working water supply for five years after Donald Trump’s workers first cut it off while building his luxury development near her home.

Ahead of promising to build a Berlin-style wall between the United States and Mexico, Trump constructed new giant walls of earth around the homes of residents objecting to his golf course.

Locked gates and fences are erected around his luxury development in Scotland, with access denied to locals despite Scottish law promising all ‘a right to roam’.

Donald Trump, whose organization called the residents objecting to his Scottish golf course ‘a national embarrassment for Scotland’ continues to stand by his treatment of them. His interview with Baxter in Dark Side of the Greens which will be seen by television viewers for the first time, has already sparked a furious response from Donald Trump on Twitter.

Meanwhile, in a separate move, ‘You’ve Been Trumped’, which Donald Trump threatened to sue the BBC over, is to be re-released next month in cinemas in the United States.