Tough mountain trek for birthmark charity

A GRUELLING trek up Mount Kilimanjaro for charity is to be attempted by a local man later this year.

Craig Brown (39), who works at Shell in Montrose, is going to climb the mountain in October. He will be starting his adventure on October 2 and is hoping to complete the trek by October 14 along with friends David Taylor (36) and Richard Fenwick (51).

All funds raised from the expedition will be donated to the charity Caring Matters Now which researches Congenital Melanocytic Naevi (CMN). CMN is an abnormally large collection of dark pigment cells that occur in newborns and continue to grow until the child is an adult.

David’s four-year-old daughter, Jessica, suffers from the birthmark and the trio decided to undertake the walk to raise awareness of the condition.

In order to prepare for the adventure, Craig has been going to the gym, hillwalking on Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions and walking his dogs.

He said: “Altitude sickness is our biggest challenge but I’m looking forward to the trip.”

The journey from base to summit is just under 23 miles up Africa’s highest mountain which stands at 19,710 feet and usually takes five or six days to complete.

Over the first two weekends in June, Steffan Smillie, assistant manager at the garage, will be gathering sponsor money along with Craig by fuelling customers’ cars for them and washing vehicles.

You can sponsor the team by visiting or by the sponsor form located at the garage.

Steffen added: “Any donations to the charity are welcomed, it’s for a great cause and will raise awareness for this unheard of condition.”