Town author Joan’s audio books

LOCAL author Joan Christie has just had two novellas issued together as audio books.

And they are read by the well-known Scottish actress, Lesley Mackie.

Joan is understandably delighted that the books, previously available in large-print format, have been published in this way.

And she added: that she was honoured to have the books read by Dundonian Lesley, and that she read them so well.

Lesley won a Laurence Olivier Award in 1986 for her portrayal on stage of Judy Garland, and she has also toured with her performance as Edith Piaf. Also highly-rated was her role as ‘Shirley Valentine’.

The two novellas are ‘O Bonnie Lass’ and ‘Family Life in the Glen’, and they are published together under the latter title.

Joan, who is a member of Angus Writers’ Circle, confided to the Review that she has a third novella on the way, available from December, but it is not in the same series as the other two.

She said cheerfully: “It’s something different!”

The audio book ‘Family Life in the Glen’ should be available in Montrose Library by the time you read this.