Town “neglected”

The A935 Brechin Road
The A935 Brechin Road

TRAFFIC speed on the A935 Brechin road will lead to a “terrible accident” unless something is done to tackle it, a Montrose man has claimed.

Rod Morrison, who lives beside the main road, has also claimed that the town is being “completely neglected” by Angus Council regarding traffic calming on the main routes in to the town, although the authority has said there is “no significant problem” on the A935 within the reduced speed limit.

Mr Morrison said: “The issue is from the railway bridge at Tayock but I also feel there’s a problem on the A92 Charleton Road. Montrose is being completely neglected as far as traffic calming is concerned and I’ve seen how affective the flashing speed signs are elsewhere in Angus. Why can’t we have them here?
“I see disabled people on scooters, dog walkers, joggers and cyclists and I just feel there will be a terrible accident.”

The council has said that a number of investigations have already been carried out on the A935 and the last speed survey carried out returned an average speed, over seven days, of 32.1mph and confirmed that 85% of all traffic was travelling at or under 37mph. Speed activated signs are also moved around 30 different locations on a rotational basis.

But Mr Morrison has said this is “not good enough” and he met with local councillor Bill Duff on Friday to discuss the issue.

Mr Duff said this week that, going by his own observations during the site visit, some drivers are flouting the speed limits and he has asked the council to investigate further.

He said: “To my eye, there was evidence that people aren’t adhering to the speed limits travelling in both directions. The council will put in monitoring equipment to record average speeds although I’m not sure if there’s scope to bring forward the rota for the flashing signs.”