Town’s fire engines back

ABOUT four months ago, at the time of the last great gales to hit the area, both Montrose-based fire engines were put out of action after an emergency stop to avoid a newly fallen tree limb.

They have now been returned to service, after repairs which are believed to have cost about £45,000.

The 51 and 58 registration vehicles were on their way back from checking a fire alarm at Rossie Secure Accommodation when the first vehicle braked sharply as a branch snapped off a tree.

The following one was unable to stop in time, and ploughed into the back of the first.

A car following the two fire engines ran into the back of the second. No-one was seriously hurt.

Cover was maintained by vehicles from the reserve fleet, including a previous model Scania fitted, to the joy of traditionalists’ ears, with an old-type siren.